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    Why you should do an Internship in Hongzhou Learning?


    Gain invaluable international work experience

    An internship in China opens the door to your dream job. Having international work experience abroad makes your CV stand out from the rest. Successfully complete your internship and use your company recommendation letter and connections from one of today’s fastest growing economies to get a great job anywhere in the world.

    Explore the benefits of a multicultural work environment 

    Working with multicultural teams is essential in today’s borderless business world. While you are interning in China, you will not only be exposed to Chinese culture, but will also work alongside expats from around the world.

    You are in demand in China 

    Young, multi-lingual, international professionals are in demand in China. Hongzhou Learning interns finish their internships and start their careers in China with an average salary of USD $1000-2000 per month. By spending a couple of years working in China, you’ll gain a true understanding of the Chinese business culture and language.

    Memorable Life Experience

    1. An internship in China is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore Asia and experience a different culture as well as expat life.

    2.Interning in China will bring new people into your life, people from different cultures and countries who will become your good friends and maybe even your soul mate. The professional connections you make while in China will absolutely be useful in your future career!

    3. A China internship begins a new page of your life. Interning in China is the perfect way to have a fresh start in a country where nobody knows you which means you can finally be free from any social pressure. You can finally be yourself.

    The following is the internship position we provide, welcome to join us if you have interest!


    Marketing internship in Beijing

    Beijing Hongzhou Wen Ding International Learning and Consulting Co., Ltd., (HongzhouLearning) is located in Beijing, the political, economic and cultural centre of China. Wespecialise in integrating the high-quality educational resources home and abroad to boostthe efficient co-operation of international education projects.

    Hongzhou Learning has an international and professional team, adhering a “go out andbring in” development concept, mainly providing an international co-operation platform forstudents, organizations, universities, enterprises and public institutions home and abroad.After years of development, Hongzhou Learning has extensive and deep cooperation withdifferent institutions, industrial organizations, various layers of Universities in UnitedStates, Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries.

    Besides that, we are member of the American Camp Association, and the important busi-ness partner of U. S. Mix-Culture Exchange Association EXCEL Education Connections inChina.
    In mainland China, we also have more than 60 interscholastic partners; we develop differ-ent forms of international cooperation programs according to the domestic universities’actual needs.

    We are professionalized in the following projects:
    Co-operation in running schools, sister schools, international exchanges, overseas teach-ers’ training, foreigners studying in China, foreign teachers recruitment, Chinese studentstudying in abroad, international volunteers, overseas study tours and so on.
    We will try to make even more of a contribution to the international education co-operationand development through our professional ability and hard working. If you like what weare doing, you are welcome to join us!

    Job Description:

    1. Contact Universities in different countries, and try to assist them to set up inter-schoolrelationship with Universities in China;
    2. Using different ways to promote study in China program as well as study tour in Chinaproject;

    3. Write down blogs and articles on our wechat platform;
    4. Update our website, mobile website end regularly;
    5. Participate in relevant exhibitions and also develop new programs;
    6. Assist manager to search for necessary information and write/design project plan;
    7. Recruit foreigner teachers for our cooperate University, recruit interns for our own com-pany;
    8. Other tasks arranged by leaders;
    1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent grade 3 students are also welcomed;
    2. Native English speaker preferred;
    3. Good at writing down articles;
    4. Marketing/Business major is preferred;
    5. Candidates should have very strong communication skills, and must be a team player.6. Good at searching information on different platforms;
    7. Be able to work efficiently;

    Working time:

    Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm Stipend: RMB 2000/month +commission

    Tel: 010-56299095
    Address: Room 302, Building 210, East Area of Wang Jing Hua Yuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.QQ 2746813741

    Email: info@hzlearning.com